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Sublimation is a process used to dye polyester fibers or substrates coated with special sublimation coating such as mugs, coasters, etc. Special sublimation ink is printed on transfer paper, and when applied to a substrate with heat, the ink becomes a gas and dyes the substrate with permanent ink. Sublimation is different from vinyl and screen printing and not to be confused with each other.

Sublimation is intended for polyester fabrics of 50% or higher poly content; the higher the poly count the brighter an image will be.

Sublimation requires the use of light colored fabrics as the ink dyes to the fabric (vs a layer on TOP of the fabric linked vinyl and screen printing).

Heat presses (not irons) must be used.

Yes! Sublimation requires the use of a heat press. Irons or Easy Presses, etc will not work with sublimation transfers.

Please refer to the temperature and time settings recommended for the substrate you are using. Most vary between 350-400 degrees.
-Transfers must be used on items intended for sublimation i.e. specially coated mugs, ceramics or polyester fabric.
100% polyester fabric will give best, brightest results. The less polyester (50% is minimum) the more 'vintage' the print will look.

Light colors such as white or light gray is recommended. Sublimation ink will not show up on dark colors.

There is no white ink in sublimation, any white areas shown in designs will be the color of the surface pressed on.

Sublimation prints REQUIRE a heat press. Irons, Easy Press, etc MAY NOT be used.

We recommend the “tear” method of trimming before pressing.

We test our (most) blanks with success at 385 degrees for 70 seconds.

There are several blanks that need different settings.

- Tumblers we print at 350 degrees for 6 minutes in convection oven.

- Stainless can coolers 385 for 40 seconds in mug press.

These are just suggestions, as each press operates differently.

Blanks may be hot after pressing so because to follow proper safety measures when working with sublimation.

We do not accept cancellations or returns. If you have a problem with your order, please let us know. We strive for excellent customer service!

We strive to show images in true color, however we have no control over the variances between screens, devices etc.

Please read all listing details and instructions. We can not be held accountable for mis-use of items.